Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ivan Chew - Under The Velveteen Skies

"Although the byline for this upload is to me, I cannot claim full credit for it. It’s a 4-way collaborative effort featuring three other very talented and very cool people I befriended at ccMixter. What you’re hearing is the title track of the album, with colab on piano, narva9 on vocals, guitars and erhu from me, and all coming together with the teru touch. The full album can be downloaded here at

The project started serendipitously. Took seven months and for a time I wasn’t sure if it would be completed. Now that it is, it’s a bit of an anti-climax for me. I’ve posted a chronological blow-by-blow at this post — how the collaboration came about and how the title track was put together.

It’s an album built upon the foundations laid by Creative Commons. And made possible with the generosity, talents and inspiration of colab (Mikael Hansson), teru and narva9."

-Ivan Chew

Download track here

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  1. Hey MC, thanks for this plug. Rightly, the avatars/ icons for the other collaborators -- colab, teru, narva9 -- should share this post too. Not complaining; just saying. Thanks for listening to the track :)