Wednesday, June 17, 2009

J. Lang - Just One More Night - Late Night Mix

featuring Jeremy Carr on vocals.

"The Late Night, Bodies Banging, Slow Groovin, with a steady flow remix. A little help from Danny on Keys..Pointing me in the right direction. I tried to give it a banging beat with pretty sounds. Love the vocals J.C."

-J. Lang

Download track here


  1. Hey - two quick comments:
    - I really, _really_ like getting these ones through the RSS feed - it's been a great way to find music I've overlooked at CCM
    - I am not a fan of the music player since it doesn't a volume control - as result I end up loading the CCM page to listen rather than ever visiting here. Might be a missed opportunity to get visitors here.

    Anyway - great initiative either way. Ciao,


  2. Hey, thanks Mikael. I hear you about the player (pun intended). Maybe I'll look into an alternative player that has volume control.

    thanks for feeding the beast!